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  1. Algorithm for hand geometry reconstruction dedicated for biometric authentication systems.
    Duration: 1 year

    Web-link: http://www.biometrics.dmcs.pl/en/projects/mbs
    contact: Wojciech Sankowski, e-mail: wsan@dmcs.pl
  2. Implementation of a negative biometric system using multiple biometric traits.

    Area: biometrics
contact: Kamil Grabowski, e-mail: kgrabowski@dmcs.pl
web: www.biometrics.dmcs.pl
  3. Automatic parallelization of C++ programs for heterogeneous architectures.
    Research group: Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science

    Contact person: Grzegorz Jabłoński

    Web link: www.dmcs.pl
    contact: Grzegorz Jabłoński, e-mail: gwj@dmcs.pl
  4. Image recognition
    Description: Algorithms for usual people life related to automatic detection of different aspects of human life. Details of the idea are to be discussed personally, can be a base for many inventions.
    English level:  B2 (First Certificate or similar)
    Background in computer science or electronics or telecommunications required.
    contact: Bartosz Sakowicz, e-mail: sakowicz@dmcs.pl
  5. Natural language processing
    Description: Algorithms for language processing related to normal, everyday human life.
    English level:  B2 (First Certificate or similar)
    Background in computer science or electronics or telecommunications required.
    contact: Bartosz Sakowicz, e-mail: sakowicz@dmcs.pl
  6. Modern teaching
    Description: Elearning in standard form represented by e.g. Moodle is currently obsolete. Virtual labs closely related to real equipment standing in laboratories is a future of teaching in technical sciences.
    English level:  B2 (First Certificate or similar)
    Background in computer science or electronics or telecommunications required.
    contact: Bartosz Sakowicz, e-mail: sakowicz@dmcs.pl
  7. The application of Discrete Spectral Transform to multidomainnon-linear micromachine elements for dynamic adapted grid.
    English level:  B2 (First Certificate or similar
    contact: Mariusz Zubert: e-mail :mariuszz@dmcs.p.lodz.pl
  8. Methodology of automatic layout generation based on skill programming language.

Brief description: Design of integrated circuit. Electrical schemes and layout design in cadence environment ends by final layout preparation for manufacturing. Parametrized layout obtained by usage of scripts written in skill programming language. Used for two chosen technologies. 

- English level - fluent with advanced technical knowledge 
    Study level completed: MSc, Electronic Eng., Integrated Circuits
    contact: Michał Szermer, e-mail: szermer@dmcs.p.lodz.pl
  9. Analysis of Communication Patterns in Industrial Networks Using Data Mining Techniques
    Abstract: The goal is to develop a system capable of extracting patterns present in network communication in industrial environment. The devices involved in communication include both the Programmable Logic Controllers and Personal Computers (acting, for example, as SCADA stations). The system should employ various techniques of data mining.
    Research group: Department of Microelectronic and Computer Science
    English level:Intermediate
    Duration:12 months
    Title issued: None
    contact: Wojciech Tylman, e-mail:tyl@dmcs.p.lodz.pl
  10. Image processing with FPGA, DSP and ARM platforms
    Abstract: Application of different dedicated image processing algorithms on mentioned platforms i.e. image recognition, correction, etc.
    English level –communicative
    Background: FPGA, DSP or ARM programming, Image processing is welcomed
    contact : Przemysław Sękalski, e-mail: sekalski@dmcs.pl
  11. Integration of Analog and Digital Functionality into DC-DC Converters, with Use of High-Voltage Processes, both Silicon-Bulk and SoI, in Typical and Increased Radiation Conditions. 

    Small abstract: Implementation of all system functionality into single chip is a strong economic demand, today. Variety of circuitry types present in modern DC-DC converters makes the integration process more difficult. Ways of possibly complete integration of selected DC-DC converter types should be investigated and a test chip should be designed 
and simulated. Assets and application possibilities of classic silicon-based and SoI processes should be analyzed, as well as usability of specific process types for increased radiation environments. 

    Research group: 
DMCS Microelectronics Research Team
    Study completed: PhD course 
English level: at least communicative, fluent would be welcome
    Duration: 24 months

    contact : Mariusz Jankowski, e-mail: jankowsk@dmcs.p.lodz.pl
  12. Research area: software and hardware parts for Low Level LR control systems for FLASH/XFEL accelerator located in DESY research center in Hamburg.
    Requirements: computer science or electronics
    contact: Adam Piotrowski, e-mail: komam@dmcs.pl
  13. Convergence Issues in Circuit Simulation Using Complex Models of Power Semiconductor Devices.
Abstract: The more accurate a device model, the more complex it is and the more convergence problems it causes. However, such accurate models are sometimes necessary and must be implemented in standard circuit simulators such as SPICE in order to become widely used. Until now several complex power semiconductor device models have been developed at the Department which are operational but still too troublesome in simulation due to limits on working conditions or device parameters, necessity of using a specific SPICE implementation etc. The aim of the work will be to suggest and evaluate possible improvements in these models (both structure and implementation) or in open-code simulator (Berkeley SPICE 3F) algorithms so as to expand model application possibilities, including entire, multi-device electronic power converter circuits. 
Requirements: PhD in electronic engineering or computer science, interest in numerical algorithms, electron device modelling and electronic circuit simulation; English level sufficient to understand scientific texts and to communicate complex scientific ideas 

    Research area/group: Power Electronics 

    Web link or similar: http://dmcs.p.lodz.pl
contact: Prof. Andrzej Napieralski / Łukasz Starzak, e-mail: starzak@dmcs.p.lodz.pl
  14. Application of signal analysis in medicine.

    Precise, noninvasive techniques for diagnoses of several diseases demand several analyses and processing including adaptive filtering and other methods dedicated to noise and artefact minimization. On the other hand, it will be also necessary to find efficient algorithms for feature's extraction according to medicine doctor suggestions. The research in the case of post-doc stage will be confined to olfactory event-related potentials for early diagnosis of brain diseases and/or speech signal analysis of patients with some specific speech motor dysfunctions located in a brain.
    Duration: 12 or 24 months
    contact: Zygmunt Ciota, e-mail: ciota@dmcs.pl,
    web: www.dmcs.pl
  15. Non-Fourier heat conduction in electronic nanostructures.
    contact: Marcin Janicki, e –mail: janicki@dmcs.pl
  16. Detection of objects on the basis of ground vibration image.
    Abstract: Developing of patterns for different object identification on the basis of ground vibration caused for example by:
    heavy vehicles
    massive hits (explosives, thunders)
    Registering direction of an event, distance, time etc.
    contact: Sławomir Wróblewski, e-mail: swroble@dmcs.p.lodz.pl