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Airbus Helicopters - praktyki studenckie

Francuska firma Airbus Helicopters poszukuje studentów chętnych wziąć udział w płatnych praktykach studenckich. Poniżej szczegóły przesłane przez firmę. Zainteresowanych ofertą prosimy o kontakt z dr inż. Bartoszem Sakowiczem.

Airbus Helicopters:

We would like to host students in Germany for internships.


-  Students in Computer Science (Informatics), with something like 2 years university (or equivalent in examinations passed) achieved. 2 students would be our ideal number,

-  Knowledge of programming/scripting languages (e.g. some of C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, …) as well as standard Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Unix, …),

- Knowledge of basic Office applications ,

- Knowledge of English.


What Airbus can offer:

-   Contract of 3 to 6 months with 35 working hours per week and 700€ net salary per month. If foreseen by ‘local' (i.e. Polish) school regulation, the contract can go up to 12 months and the salary goes up to 1000€ net per month (always 35h per week),

-  Work in a ‘operative' Team - the one taking care of the development of the Software for the GWS (Generic Weapon System) computer,

-  Possible activities: development and deployment of tools used in the Software Development environment, performance of tests on the host environment, development of automatic test procedures to test the application Software on the target computer.


For the timing (i.e. start), we are open: can be anytime … and also ‘the sooner the better'.